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 Joe KurzEintrag #30 vom 21.04.2006, 13:29:55 Uhr 
Sorry folks - I dediced to disable my guestbook for a while due to increasing
amount of spam. The guestbook is not intended as an ad for viagra and cialis and
phentermine and other such stuff. And I am not inclined to wipe out half a dozen
of postings every day - not to mention what will happen when I am some days out for holidays ...

Thanks to all who gave me feedback about my work and my site. I hope I'll
find a solution ASAP ...

JoeKurz (webmaster)

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 ABGEintrag #29 vom 09.04.2006, 15:20:56 Uhr 
Hi Joe ! Da ich angefangen habe, dieverse SciFi Sachen für Poser zu machen, bin ich auf Deine Seite gestossen. Habe mir ein paar Deiner Primitives geladen und mu Dir mal für Deine Arbeit danken ! Schöne Dinge, die Du da gemacht hast (ich meine alle !). Deine Seite ist wirklich empfehlenswert !!
Gru aus Franken
AB Grafix

 Website: http://elemu-project.de/poser
 Brian CarterEintrag #28 vom 04.04.2006, 01:54:18 Uhr 
Hi joe, i really enjoy your work. Well done. I really like the abstract illusional figures. hallways, pyramids, etc. I wanted to know if i could use one of your graphics for my page. It's for my music, i would like to use one of your artworks that has that illusional effect to it. Is there a way that is possible? please email me back.

 Website: http://www.myspace.com/myxedema
 pakledEintrag #27 vom 29.03.2006, 04:46:40 Uhr 
Saw the pyramid..someone was looking for a Mayan pyramid..if they'd only waiting slightly longer, they could have had yours..;) take care

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 SheilaEintrag #26 vom 22.03.2006, 13:28:41 Uhr 
Hallo Joe!  Der seite is Fantastische!  Mein Deutsch ist nicht Gut, Ich komme aus England wink

Danke Schon fur dein arbeitet!

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 phentremineEintrag #25 vom 17.03.2006, 17:00:44 Uhr 
Good site!

 Website: http://phentermin.blogg.de/
 LeoEintrag #24 vom 27.02.2006, 06:30:24 Uhr 
Many thanx for your generosity. super

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 BobEintrag #23 vom 23.01.2006, 15:01:43 Uhr 
I discovered your site today, thanks! happy

 Website: http://allforarts.tripod.com/
 Jeremy MillerEintrag #22 vom 17.01.2006, 06:07:47 Uhr 

Just want to thank you for some great textures and free models.  I find them quite useful.

I Have dedicated my latest picture in my gallery to Jerry Walsh and to you.  I used a number of those wonderful  Sci-fi textures.  They work pretty well with Bryce terrains.  Here's the link:




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 Darwin GriggEintrag #21 vom 07.01.2006, 20:13:27 Uhr 
Your work is exceptional.  I hope I can get to where I can do half as well.  I am interested in your swapshop items, but will have to purchase them, since I am only starting in 3d graphics.

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 JensEintrag #20 vom 06.01.2006, 14:58:02 Uhr 
nice pictures.... nice lights and a lil' erotic, too


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 Jerry HaydenEintrag #19 vom 06.01.2006, 00:30:05 Uhr 
          I have to tell you that your art is wonderful. The intrinsics and details of your architecture is perfect for the midieval and gothic art I would like to create. I would be interested in the items that are no longer in the Renderosity Marketplace, the "Swapshop Items". Along with the items I have downloaded, those items have inspired me to create a line of art that my family and friends will cry for. I do nothing commercial, just computer wallpapers for family and friends. I will donate as you wish. Thank you very much for sharing your art with which others create more art. Thank you.

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 Gargoy LeeEintrag #18 vom 31.12.2005, 00:33:03 Uhr 
Dear Joe,
Congratulations. This is more than creativity, this is art.  I've downloaded lots of your great products and will use them. It will be my honour to credit you. Thanks!

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 brideEintrag #17 vom 17.12.2005, 15:16:02 Uhr 
finde die 'girls' sehr unrealistisch aussehend. bei einigen brüsten wundert es mich tatsächlich, dass die dazugehörige frau noch aufrecht stehen kann...(wären das meine brüste, würde ich den chirugen verklagen)...finde die bilder künstlerisch auch nicht so wertvoll, aber das ist wohl geschmackssache

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 RobbieEintrag #16 vom 05.12.2005, 18:30:47 Uhr 
Very interesting site I will come back often! smile

 Website: http://allforarts.tripod.com/
 Sister CatEintrag #15 vom 29.11.2005, 00:05:46 Uhr 
Thank you very much for sharing such wonderful Sci Fi work!  Your generosity and creativity make a positive difference in our artistic community!
Kindest regards,
Sister Cat   smile

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 Website: http://spaces.msn.com/members/memphisblues
 JoeKEintrag #14 vom 25.11.2005, 16:41:32 Uhr 
thanks for your interest in "Old Ruins and Stonework". :) - I sent out vie email.


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 CD2005Eintrag #13 vom 24.11.2005, 22:40:38 Uhr 
Hi Joe! I really want to get your "Old Ruins and Stonework" model!! I need it for a comic that I am working on!! If I can get it, I will, of course, mention you and your site and the name of the model! Email me? Thanks!

 Website: (n.a.)
 scotiebEintrag #12 vom 10.11.2005, 22:37:17 Uhr 
I am interested in the Old Ruins, how do I get it?

 Website: (n.a.)
 MikeEintrag #11 vom 17.10.2005, 06:51:34 Uhr 
Hallo Joe,

Ich bin traurig, daß ich am Schreiben und an sprechendem Deutschem sehr arm bin.

Thank you for making and sharing your Poser models.  It is very nice of you to do this.

Is your "bmp2obj" utility available anymore?
Is it anything like an older bmp2DXF unitlity I was able to find and use successfully? If you have the time to answer you may do so at your website or IM me at :


Danke und glückliches Halloween oder Walpurgis Nacht ,

Mike Cv -aka- mcv

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 Website: http://www.renderosity.com
 DennisEintrag #10 vom 15.10.2005, 10:13:07 Uhr 
Hello. I like your site. It's very cool. The 3D images is fantastyc. If you want, please tel me ... what is your soft wyth you work?
Please send me in my e-mail nudes with girls ... because i love 3D nudes :)
Thx and, take care

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 LisaEintrag #9 vom 23.09.2005, 21:46:15 Uhr 
Hallöchen smile
vielen lieben Dank für die downloads, war auf der suche nach Poser material und bin hier fündig geworden, ganz tolle sachen. super
Danke danke happy
Tschüssi und winke
viele liebe grüsse Lisa

 Website: http://www.lisa-fantasy.at
 Madame OEintrag #8 vom 31.08.2005, 12:23:59 Uhr 
Möchte mich bedanken für die schönen Probs usw -- vor allem die Stones haben es mir angetan. Werde diese Seite gerne in mein Link-Karussel mit aufnehmen. halt super

 Website: http://ascaronia.mypiece.com
 AprilEintrag #7 vom 24.08.2005, 00:06:08 Uhr 
I have found your site wonderful. I did use one of your backgrounds in an image and since you said you wanted to see it I added a link to it.  Thank you so very much.


 Website: (n.a.)
 RacebucovicEintrag #6 vom 04.08.2005, 11:15:05 Uhr 
bin total begeistert von deiner site. geniale bildergalerie.


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 Website: (n.a.)
 SandraEintrag #5 vom 02.08.2005, 22:28:01 Uhr 
Ich bin noch sehr neu in der Posergemeinde und war auf der Suche nach interessanten Zusätzen.... und habe sie hier nun gefunden! Bin absolut begeistert von den tollen Materialien! happy

 Website: http://www.nixeonline.de.vu
 King LouisEintrag #4 vom 02.05.2005, 15:16:16 Uhr 
Vielen Dank Joe arbeite an einem neuen Comic und habe mir ein paar props heruntergeladen.Ohne Leute wie dich würden wir ganz schlecht da stehen.

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 Joe TesterEintrag #3 vom 19.04.2005, 15:36:12 Uhr 
And it's evident that Toyona has a real broad and flat nose, very
different from the default V3 face to be seen everywhere. How was it
done? By importing the head in a true modeling software as Cinema 4D
and re-working the polygons??? Or building new morph dials? With the
magnets and some very precise action?

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 Joe KurzEintrag #2 vom 12.04.2005, 16:09:23 Uhr 
Hi all,
this is my new guestbook (with smilies enabled happy ). It looks much better than
the old one and I tried to get a style that fits into my site. The old
entries are preserved in my guestbook archive. Just use the link near the
bottom of the page. Have fun.


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