Faces of Disgust - Preview

Here is a collection of facial expressions for Victoria 3. You need the facial expressions from DAZ installed in order for these to work correct. These are "selfinjecting" poses like in good old times. No need to inject first all necessary morphs and then apply the poses, - just doubleclick on the appropriate expression - that's all.
If the needed morphs are present, good - if not, they will be injected automatically by applying the pose. I only used 13 morphs for this set. If you want to reset the expression just doubleclick on the reset pose (disgust00), and only the 13 morphs used were removed.
Some of the expressions are a bit exaggerated and may not look fine on every character you use. Just experiment with the dial settings to find the best for your individual needs. Here for the preview I used Victoria 3 with no additional morphs. Hair is KyokoHair by Kozaburo - thanks.
Hope you find them useful. :) Caution! Warning! Please save your work before applying these poses. I am not responsible if my face settings spoil your character you developed so hard over the last weeks ;)


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