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Ich habe begonnen, meine Downloads auf verschiedene Seiten, sortiert nach Kategorien zu organisieren: Texturen, 3D Modelle, Verschiedenes. Einfach auf ein Bild klicken, um in den entsprechenden Download-Bereich zu gelangen.

Here is my new download area - separated into different categories: textures, models, sets. Click on the previewpic to enter the appropriate download area.
If you have any comments, ideas, suggestions, etc. feel free to send me a mail (see imprint on my homepage) or IM me via R'osity (sorry - I had to disable my guestbook due to abuse).


Painted Body Textures
(Posetta only)

Various Poses (for Poser)


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SciFi Stuff


Misc Stuff

Fantasy and Temple Stuff

Strange Textures


Patterns and Ornamental Textures

SciFi Textures

Stone Textures


Stonework and Brickwork Construction Sets

Painted Body Textures

Primitive Constructive Objects


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