Comparison pics of various hair items for Poser

I used the same girl for each test. It's unbelievable, how different this character turned out. What do you think ?? And here are the credits for the items: a) Silky Long Hair by Quarker (RMP) - b) Kyoko Hair Long for Posetta by Kozaburo (FS) - c) Morphing Hair for Posetta by Kozaburo (FS) - d) Moko Hair by Yamato (FS) - e) Grace Lion Hair by Quarker (RMP) - f) Aeris Hair by Danae (RMP) - g) Bliss Vision Hair by Danae (RMP) - h) Long Hair Evolution by Kozaburo (FS) - j) California Hair by Dark Whisper (DAZ3D) - k) Egypt Hair by 3Dream (RMP) - m) Total Hair by Hman (RMP) - n) Total Hair by Hman (RMP) - o) TanzakHair by ? (FS) - p) TheSweep Hair by Alla (FS). All pics rendered in Poser without postwork. If you like to add some comments, please feel free to use my Guestbook.

hair test pics  

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